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Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council

What is the Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council?

The Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council (SPCC) is tasked with developing strategies for preventing suicide. The Council consists of 31 voting members and one non-voting member who meet quarterly to discuss suicide prevention activities statewide.

Create a World without Suicide
    • Anna Sever
      Chair, Office of Suicide Prevention
    • Dr. Gene Cash
      Florida Association of School Psychologists
    • Matt Dunagan
      Florida Sheriffs Association
    • Helen Leitch
      Florida Initiative of Suicide Prevention
    • Stephen Roggenbaum
      Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition
    • Tara Sullivan
      American Foundation of Suicide Prevention
    • Karen Brill, Designee
      Florida School Board Association
    • Dr. Dan Reidenberg
      National Council for Suicide Prevention
    • Dorene Barker
      State Chapter of AARP
    • Ute Gazioch
      Florida Behavioral Health Association
    • Dr. Carly Paro
      Florida Counseling Association
    • Cindy Foster
      NAMI Florida
    • Dr. Ryan Hall
      Florida Medical Association
    • Dr. Ramsey Pevsner
      Florida Osteopathic Medical Association
    • Dr. Daniel Castellanos
      Florida Psychiatric Association
    • Joe Marino
      Veterans Florida
    • Natalie Kelly
      Florida Association of Managing Entities
    • Gretta Jones, Designee
      Secretary of Elder Affairs
    • Shay Chapman, Designee
      State Surgeon General (DOH)
    • Beverley Wilks, Designee
      Commissioner of Education
    • Dr. Timothy Buehner, Designee
      Secretary of the Agency for Health Care Administration
    • Dr. Tracy Shelby, Designee
      Secretary of Juvenile Justice
    • Dr. Tammy Lander, Designee
      Secretary of Corrections
    • Matthew Walsh, Designee
      Executive Director of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement
    • Alfred D. Carter, Designee
      Executive Director of the Department of Veterans Affairs
    • Secretary Shevaun Harris
      Secretary of the Department of Children and Families
    • Derrick Elias, Designee
      Executive Director of the Department of Economic Opportunity
    • Dr. Diane McKay
      Florida Psychological Association
    • Open Seat
      Governor’s Appointee
    • Open Seat (Donna M. Schulz, previous appointee continues to serve)
      Governor’s Appointee
    • Open Seat
      Governor’s Appointee
    • Open Seat
      Governor's Appointee
    • NaKeisha Phillips
      Northwest Region
    • Sarah Warren
      Northeast Region
    • Jill Krohn
      Central Region
    • Melissa Worthen
      SunCoast Region
    • Suzette Fleishmann
      Southeast Region
    • Karen Annunziato
      Southern Region
    • Mike Kempy
      Big Bend Community Based Care
    • Elida Segrera
      Broward Behavioral Health Care
    • Larry Allen
      Central Florida Behavioral Health Network
    • Nikaury Muñoz
      Central Florida Cares Health System
    • Bryan Mingle
      Lutheran Services Florida
    • Elizabeth Nettles
      Lutheran Services Florida
    • No Designee
      Southeast Florida Behavioral Health Network
    • Lina Castellanos
      South Florida Behavioral Health Network
    • Rhonda Jackson
      Department of Health
    • Martha Mason
      Agency for Person’s with Disabilities
    • Kristin Korinko
      Agency for Person’s with Disabilities