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Substance Abuse Prevention

Substance Abuse Prevention is a proactive, comprehensive system that is designed to preclude, forestall, or impede the development of substance abuse problems, primarily for youth. This is best accomplished through the use of ongoing strategies such as increasing public awareness and education, community-based processes and evidence-based practices.

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Youth Tobacco Prevention

Many young people are using tobacco and other nicotine products. Youth are vulnerable to social and environmental influences. Messages and images that make tobacco use appealing to them are everywhere. Prevention is critical. To assist with prevention efforts, the Florida Department of Children and Families contracted with the Florida Certification Board to develop information materials.

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Suicide Prevention

Currently, the Statewide Office of Suicide Prevention and the Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council focus on suicide prevention initiatives such as creating and implementing the Statewide Plan for Suicide Prevention in Florida as well as increasing public awareness.

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