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Substance Abuse & Mental Health Dashboard

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Section 394.9082(10), Florida Statutes, requires the Department of Children and Families (DCF) to develop and maintain a statewide database for collecting and reporting acute care services utilization (ACSU) data from all public receiving facilities (PRF) situated within the managing entity geographical service area and all detoxification and addictions receiving facilities (Detox/ARF) under contract with the managing entity. This statute requires the managing entity to submit ACSU data monthly into the department database; it also directs the department to post on its website, by facility, the data collected pursuant to this subsection and update such posting monthly.

As used in the ACSU dashboard reports, the term “public receiving facility” is limited only to any entity designated by the department to operate as a public receiving facility and is licensed either under chapter 394 as a crisis stabilization unit or under chapter 395 as a hospital. The ACSU database does not collect or report data from any private receiving facility and/or any facility that is not under contract with the managing entity.

Subsection C-1.4.4 of Exhibit C- Task List contractually requires the Managing Entity to electronically submit all data, as specified in PAM 155-2, to the SAMH Data System by the 18th of each month. Subcontract and Subcontracted Services are among the data sets specified in the Pamphlet 155-2, which the Managing Entity must submit monthly into the Financial and Services Accountability Management System (FASAMS). The Catalog of Care Reports are produced based on data reported in the Subcontract and Subcontracted Services data sets.