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Northeast Florida State Hospital - Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the role of Northeast Florida State Hospital?

    To provide continuous service to people whose mental health needs cannot be met in community based programs or whose needs require a residential treatment environment with specialized programs and services that promote the successful return of individuals into community living.

    How do I go about getting a person admitted?

    A referral must be made by a Mental Health Center. There must not be a less restrictive environment available and the person must be primarily mentally ill and pose a danger to him/herself or others.

    What ages do you accept?

    Adults, 18 years of age and older residing in the 30-county area of the Department of Children and Families who require long-term inpatient hospitalization.

    Are individuals allowed to have visitors?

    Visit our page about Visitation Information for more information. Video conferencing visits can also be arranged by contacting the Social Services department (904) 330-2383 or the main number (904) 259-6211 and ask for Social Services.

    What personal belongings can I bring with me?

    Excessive amounts and valuable belongings are discouraged. A list of allowable items and contraband can be found in the Standards for Community Living. If you would like a copy, please contact Customer Relations (904) 330-2226 or Social Services (904) 330-2383.

    How can I contact my family member or loved one?

    If you know what living area your loved one is assigned to, you can call (904) 259-6211 and request for the operator to transfer you to the designated living area.

    You may also mail letters / cards to:
    7487 South State Road 121
    Macclenny, Florida 32063.

    Please include the living area; if known. Before mailing care packages, please speak with Social Services staff in regard to what items are appropriate and or allowed. For Social Services call (904) 330-2383.

    How can I get updates on my family member or loved one?

    Social Service staff serve as the primary point of contact for family members and identified supports. Call (904) 330-2383. Treatment updates are available to family members or identified supports contingent that a signed release of information form is completed. Please keep in mind, if your loved one doesn’t want their information shared, NEFSH will respect their wishes.

    Treatment team meetings are scheduled Monday through Thursday.

    Call Recovery Planning for more details: (904) 330-2014.

    If your loved one is a resident of Shady Oaks 32N or 32S, please call (904)330-2351 or (902) 330-2467.