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Florida State Hospital (FSH)

DCF Strategic Vision

In partnership with local communities and providers, the Department of Children and Families will emerge as a world-class organization that protects the vulnerable and serves as stewards of the people to shape paths to independence for all Floridians.

DCF Mission

Protect the vulnerable, promote strong and economically self-sufficient families, and advance personal and family recovery and resiliency.

DCF Core Values

Integrity, Innovation, Accountability, Personal Responsibility, Responsiveness, Quality, Empowerment, Urgency, Collaboration and Choice.

Florida State Hospital Mission Statement

Partner with stakeholders to promote competency restoration, personal recovery and resiliency.

Facility Characteristics

  • Total land area - 620 acres.
  • Total square footage of floor space - 1,875,544.
  • Number of buildings including residences - 223.
  • Maintains internal power and chiller plants.
  • Maintains internal utility distribution networks.
  • Maintains independent fire department.
  • Operates internal security department.
  • Operates internal Food Services preparation and distribution systems.


Florida State Hospital has a rich history, the site having been first used as a Federal Arsenal, built by the United States Army as an arms depot during the Second Seminole Indian War. Reportedly contracted by the United States Government, William H. Face of Pennsylvania was hired to finish carpentry on the headquarters arsenal. Construction was begun in 1832 with an appropriation of $20,000 and completed in 1839, following the war, at a total cost of $226,932.50. The original compound consisted of nine buildings in a 400 X 400 quadrangle and four out-buildings.

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