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North Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center Confidentiality

Each of the residents at NFETC has rights to confidentiality which means that information we have in our records can only be shared under certain circumstances. These are:

  1. If a Resident or his legal guardian gives written permission, information may be shared for a specific period of time to the person or agency specified in the written permission.
  2. The Center reports to the committing Court and attorneys involved in the case at certain times.
  3. The Court may order the Center to share information with a specific agency or person.
  4. If a Resident has said he intends to harm someone we have a duty to warn the potential victim.
  5. In order to make sure treatment is continued after a Resident leaves the Center we can share information with groups such as:
  • Social Security and Veteran's Administration.
  • Law enforcement personnel, state attorneys, public defenders and judges.
  • Personnel at the jail where the Resident will return.
  • Community mental health agencies and others who will be providing services upon the Resident's return to the community.
  • If a Resident gets a serious medical illness the Center may contact the next of kin.