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Rewards of Being a Foster Parent

Fostering is challenging but, ultimately, an incredibly rewarding experience, you can look forward to:

  • A chance to help a child through a difficult and confusing time in their life
  • Pride in taking on an important and challenging role
  • A chance to use your special talents and knowledge
  • Celebrating new milestones and accomplishments - birthdays, graduations, or first homeruns!
  • Making a lifetime of difference in a just a short period of time

Many foster parents and their families choose to keep their homes active and continue accepting children because they find the experience so meaningful and rewarding. There will be discussions with you on what child best fits the strengths of your family and what is the appropriate amount of time a child should stay in your home. You’ll have the chance to work with your team on what your family has to offer and make decisions together about kids that will benefit the most from your gifts.