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Foster Care Overview

Too often, due to no fault of their own, children are removed from their homes because they are unsafe. As you can imagine, this is a confusing and challenging time for many children. Whenever possible, our network of providers work hard to locate family members or close friends in hopes that they are willing and capable of providing a safe and familiar home during this time; however, sometimes this isn’t an appropriate option.

That’s where safe, loving, and committed foster parents come in by making the transition easier and providing a safe space, both mentally and physically, for children who have already experienced so much. Foster parents are integral members of a child’s “team” and ensure all the child’s needs are met and may help strengthen the biological family. As a foster parent you will have the opportunity to work with the child’s team, advocating for their best interest, get to know a child in your community who needs you and even attend some dance recitals or help study for spelling quizzes along the way.

You have something unique to offer our system of care! Some kids flourish with larger families, lots of activities, and furry friends but there are other kids who thrive in a quieter environment with more one-to-one attention. The more diversity we have in foster homes, the better our professional team can match your families’ unique strengths with the needs of our kids.