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Community Liaison Team

Who we are?

The Community Forensic Liaison (CFL) and Community Civil Liaison (CCL) Teams are here to serve as the liaisons between the Department and the community as it relates to those individuals who are involved with both Adult Mental Health and the criminal justice system. In doing so, we are here to provide technical assistance to our Criminal Justice partners and Managing Entities by strategizing solutions to challenging cases, coordinating presentations/training sessions, and working to enhance the relationships between all agencies involved in ensuring the successes of this specific population. We are also here to discuss challenges, gaps, and barriers in our area and work to address these issues.

How we can assist:

  • Strengthening your connection and collaboration with local mental health and substance abuse providers.
  • Providing technical support that facilitates diversions from the State Hospital system.
  • Offering resources to enhance existing programs and fill service gaps in our communities.
  • Providing forensic and civil education for providers, evaluators, attorneys, and court staff.
  • Strategizing sustainable solutions to discharge barriers such as housing, benefits, etc.
  • Assisting with seeking placement and discharge opportunities to find the appropriate placement to prevent decompensation/recidivism in the community.