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What Are My Rights?

A vulnerable adult who has the mental capacity to consent may opt to refuse all services and interventions.

Capacity to consent is defined as a vulnerable adult who has sufficient understanding to make or communicate responsible decisions regarding his or her person and property, including whether or not to accept or refuse services.

No decisions are made about a vulnerable adult, who has capacity to consent without her or her involvement and consent.


A facility resident has the right to:

  • be free from mental and physical abuse;
  • be informed of their medical condition;
  • select their own physician;
  • participate in planning their care;
  • refuse treatment;
  • voice grievances;
  • be treated with respect and dignity; and
  • have treatments provided in privacy.

For adults participating in the Protective Services Program, consideration is given to the following inherent rights:

  • self-determination
  • protection
  • confidentiality
  • participate in care planning
  • receive assistance
  • refuse services
  • refuse medical treatment

All programs stress the vulnerable adult’s capacity to consent and the right to make decisions regarding care.