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Disaster Behavioral Health

The Crisis Counseling Program (CCP)

A natural or man-made disaster can cause much more than property damage.  It can create a wide range of emotional, physical, cognitive and behavioral reactions.  You may experience stress, anxiety, fear, uncertainty and frustration because you have been through an abnormal event. Everybody who witnesses a disaster is affected by it. 

Crisis counseling can be available to help people: 

  • Understand their situations and reactions
  • Regain a sense of mastery and control
  • Identify, label, and express emotions
  • Adjust to the disaster and losses
  • Manage stress
  • Make decisions and take action
  • Develop coping strategies
  • Use community resources

The Crisis Counseling Program (CCP) supports individual, family and community recovery by offering a variety of services.  Project H.O.P.E. (Helping Our People in Emergencies) services are available where approved by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) with the support of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  In the wake of a disaster, individual, group and public support services are available, free of charge, through our community based partners in recovery.

CCP Services include:

  • Individual and group crisis counseling
  • Brief educational supports and public education
  • Assessment, referral, and resource linkage
  • Community support and networking
  • Development and distribution of educational materials

As of March 2020, there is a qualifying federally declared major disaster in Florida related to the COVID-19 pandemic. For additional information, please contact the Behavioral Health Coordinator at (850) 717-4423. To find help in your area, please visit

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