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For Youth & Young Adults

My Future, My Choice

"My Future, My Choice” is the theme for this program, because it gives youth the option to remain in care until they turn 21, or - if they are enrolled in an eligible post-secondary institution - receive financial assistance as they continue pursuing academic and career goals. In extended foster care, young adults will continue to receive case management services and other support to provide them with a sound platform for success as independent adults.

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Here are some true situations the  "MY Future, MY Choice" program could help with:

  • Former Foster Child Overcomes Long Odds to Earn Degree

  • I wish I could have stayed in foster care. Some important life lessons come at the end of high school. It would have been nice to have had that guidance. -- Martin, age 19 formerly in foster care

    Meet Martin

    • "I am 18, but I'm worried about how to file taxes, how to find transportation to work, where I'll get money for food – I don't even know how to turn on the utilities in my apartment. I feel like I need a little more help, maybe even for just a few months."
    • "I was ready to get out of foster care at 18. I knew I could make it on my own and am now doing well in college. But I got laid off from my job and I need help so I can get back on my feet again."
    • "My college dorm closes over the summer and I don't have anywhere to go. I'd like to be able to go back to my foster parents' home during school breaks."
    • "I'm about to age out, but I'm still in high school and I need support and stability so I can focus on my school work."

Fueling Futures

Fueling Futures is a professional development program for former foster youth ages 18 to 24. Our objective is to be “fueling futures” through our four pillars: economically, educationally, personally, and professionally.

Through the Fueling Futures Program:

  • Participants attend our summer workplace readiness and professionalism training to kick off the year
  • Participants attend a monthly professional development or life skills training
  • Participants meet monthly for a one-on-one session for goal setting check in’s and accountability
  • Participants are paired with a mentor in their chosen career field and have opportunities for “shadow days”
  • Participants have access to a large network of community resources to aid in removing any barriers to their success (examples include: bus passes, food pantries, business professional clothing, daycare, emergency housing support, etc.)
  • Participants can attend team builders and social to get to network and find support among their peers

The Fueling Futures program is available statewide. Contact Abigail Phelps, Hope Navigator and Youth Development Manager, at @email to learn more.