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Child Welfare & Child Protection

The Child Protection Investigations (CPI) Project represents a collaborative effort between the Department of Children and Families (DCF), the Office of the Attorney General (OAG), local certified domestic violence centers, community-based care agencies, and other child welfare professionals that provide an optimal coordinated community response to families experiencing the co-occurrence of domestic violence and child abuse.

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Economic Justice Initiative

The mission of Economic Justice Initiative is to provide training, information and resources to address the economic conditions that create barriers to the long-term independence and safety of survivors and their children.

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Fatality Review Teams

Florida is one of few states to have both a Statewide Fatality Review team and local teams that review domestic violence fatalities occurring in their communities. Operating from a “no blame, no shame” philosophy, all teams function in accordance with statutory mandates to maintain confidentiality of the identity of a victim of domestic violence or the identity of the children of the victim and uphold public records exemptions when reviewing fatality related information.

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The Intimate Violence Enhanced Service Team (InVEST) is a coordinated community response effort intended to reduce the number of intimate partner homicides in each participating county in Florida. InVEST is designed to encourage local law enforcement agencies and their community partners to treat domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault and stalking as serious violations of criminal law requiring the coordinated involvement of the entire criminal justice system. 

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Primary Prevention

Primary prevention is any action, strategy or policy that prevents intimate partner violence (IPV) from initially occurring. Primary prevention seeks to reduce the overall likelihood that anyone will become a victim or a perpetrator by creating conditions that make violence less likely to occur. Prevention of IPV focuses on preventing first-time perpetration and first-time victimization.

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Rural and Underserved Programs

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence in rural areas are among the most isolated and vulnerable in the state of Florida. The statewide Rural Initiative and Rural Underserved projects are designed to enhance the safety of domestic violence survivors and their children who have been battered in rural communities. Rural projects are based on a community organizing model whereby community, judicial, and law enforcement partners come together to explore and implement strategies that provide coordinated, community-based services to survivors of domestic violence.

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