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Human Services Worker II with Shift

How an Human Services Worker II with Shift Will Make a Difference:

This is work responsible for providing residential care, assisting with enrichment activities and supporting the treatment, psychiatric rehabilitation, stabilization and recovery of people with a mental illness. As a Human Services Worker you will treat people in a respectful manner that preserves their dignity and rights and maintain a professional caregiver relationship with people served.

Growth Opportunities:
With 12,000 employees across the state DCF promotes opportunities and training for all. Our jobs are among the most challenging, complex, and difficult in State government. They are also among the most rewarding. All employees are encouraged to take advantage of available Department opportunities for advancement and professional development.

Benefits of Working for the State of Florida:
Working for the State of Florida is more than a paycheck. The State’s total compensation package for employees features a highly competitive set of employee benefits including:

  • No state income tax for residents of Florida
  • Annual and Sick Leave benefits
  • Nine paid holidays and one Personal Holiday each year
  • State Group Insurance coverage options, including health, life, dental, vision, and other supplemental insurance options
  • Retirement plan options, including employer contributions. For more information, please click
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Tuition waivers
  • And more! For a more complete list of benefits, visit

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Six months of experience working in a medical, psychiatric, nursing, customer service or childcare setting, or in working with developmentally disabled persons; or working in a correctional facility.
  • Valid driver’s license preferred.
  • Ability to attend a 1 - 2 week mandatory training course that will include completion of a CPR certification. This training could be scheduled during day, weekend, and evening hours.
  • This position will require night, weekend, and holiday work; including working on scheduled off duty days and various shifts. This position has also been designated as an essential position.  Incumbents are expected to work during emergency situations or natural disasters and may be required to work before, during and beyond normal work hours/days.

Specific Responsibilities:

The incumbent is responsible for preserving the rights, safety and security of people served by:

Observing them:

  • At all times to learn what type of environment and interactions make them feel safe, secure and calm and to identify distressful stimuli or triggers:
    • When providing ward coverage.
    • When escorting to and from activities and appointments to ensure that they arrive safely.
    • During meals to monitor intake and ensure that they don’t choke or trade food.
    • When a person served is placed on special observation status to address dangerous or high risk behaviors.
    • When a restrictive intervention such as seclusion or restraints is used to assess for release criteria and immediately identify health needs that may arise.

Communicating with them:

  • At all times to develop a trusting, caregiver relationship and identify signs of distress or health concerns:
    • When a person served is placed on special observation status, in the seclusion room or in restraints to assure the person that he or she is safe, help them develop trust in you as a caregiver and identify signs of distress or health concerns.


  • To separate them from distressful stimuli and assist in resolving conflict.
  • To ensure that people served are not neglected, abused or exploited; or to ensure that it is reported to the abuse hotline if they are.
  • To ensure safety during medical or disaster emergencies.
  • To ensure safety when a person served is exhibiting a behavior dangerous to self or others, which may involve the use of physical holds and placing people served in a seclusion room or mechanical restraints.