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The Investigations Section conducts investigations designed to detect, deter, prevent, and eradicate fraud, waste, and abuse in the Department and the providers that contract with the Department, either directly or through another provider.  These activities are required by Florida law (§20.055(7), F.S. ), which provides that the OIG conduct investigations and other inquiries free of impairment to independence.  The OIG investigates allegations of serious misconduct, such as falsification of client home visits and allegations of fraud, waste, or abuse by employees or providers, as well as allegations of sexual harassment.

ACCREDITATION:  The Investigations Section was the first state agency OIG to become accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFA).  Accreditation is a coveted achievement symbolizing professionalism, excellence, and competence.  The accreditation program determines whether an OIG Investigations Unit has processes in place and whether those processes are consistently adhered to by all staff statewide.  As a result, minimum standards are established with the goal of enhancing the quality of investigations.  Accreditation is also a means in which to evaluate and improve the overall performance of the Investigations Unit.

FILING COMPLAINTS:  In accordance with Children and Families Operating Procedure (CFOP) 180-4, employees are required to report certain violations to the OIG within two days of discovery.  Complaints may also be made by providers, clients, or the general public. Complaints and reports may be sent to the OIG via mail, e-mail, or submission of a web complaint.

WHISTLE-BLOWER:  The Whistle-blower's Act (§§ 112.3187-112.31895, F.S. ) is designed to protect state employees from retaliation by management.  If a case meets the statutorily defined criteria, the complainant’s identity is protected from release. View the Whistle-blower's Hotline Brochure or access the CIG’s Whistle-blower Form for more information.

OUTREACH:  The Investigations Section provides Outreach Training to the Department and its providers to ensure that all employees are aware of the requirements to report certain violations to the OIG.  The Outreach Training also provides an overview of the investigative process and information on what may happen to an individual who is the subject of an OIG investigation. To request a training, please call (850) 488-1225.


Office of Inspector General
Investigations Section
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Phone: (850) 488-1225

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