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CFOP 170 Child Welfare

Resource Library
Complete Operating Procedures for CFOP 170 - Child Welfare
CFOP 170-01 Florida Child Welfare Practice Model
CFOP 170-02 Completing Hotline Intake Assessment
CFOP 170-03 Procedures Related to Missing Children
CFOP 170-04 Child Maltreatment Index
CFOP 170-05 Child Protective Investigations
CFOP 170-06 Child Fatality Response
CFOP 170-07 Develop and Manage Safety Plans
CFOP 170-08 Plan of Safe Care for Infants Affected by Prenatal Substance Use
CFOP 170-09 Family Assessment and Case Planning
CFOP 170-10 Providing Services and Support for Children in Care and for Caregivers
CFOP 170-11 Placement
CFOP 170-12 Adoptions
CFOP 170-13 Child Support in Child Welfare Cases
CFOP 170-14 Response to the Human Trafficking of Children
CFOP 170-15 Federal and State Funding Eligibility
CFOP 170-16 - Administrative Functions
CFOP 170-17 Services for Transitioning Youth and Young Adults
CFOP 170-18 Services for Children with MH and Any Co-Occurring SA or DD Treatment Needs
CFOP 170-19 Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children
CFOP 170-20 Child Care Licensing Program Desk Reference Guide
CFOP 170-25 Domestic Violence Center Certification Standards