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CFOP 070 Facilities Acquisition and Management

Resource Library
Operating Procedures for Facilities Acquisition and Management
CFOP 070-01 Leasing
CFOP 070-02 Location and Format for Department Signs
CFOP 070-03 Energy Conservation
CFOP 070-04 Fixed Capital Outlay Projects Management and Coordination
CFOP 070-05 Recycling Program
CFOP 070-06 Unauthorized Use of State Telephones State Owned or Leased Cellular Telephones and Third Party Billing
CFOP 070-08 Management of Real Property Leased to the Department by the Board of Trustees of the Internal Improvement Trust Fund of the State of Florida
CFOP 070-09 Hazardous Materials - Employee Right to Know
CFOP 070-10 Hazardous Materials - Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know
CFOP 070-11 Archaeological and Historic Resources
CFOP 070-12 Contraband Control
CFOP 070-15 Housekeeping