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CFOP 050 Systems Management

Resource Library
Operating Procedures for Systems Management
CFOP 050-01 - Department Use of Criminal Justice Information Services and Driver and Vehicle Information Database
CFOP 050-02 - Security of Data and Information Technology Resources
CFOP 050-03 - Security Planning
CFOP 050-04 - Computer Software Licensing and Copyright Policy
CFOP 050-07 - Statewide Office Automation Standards
CFOP 050-09 Policy on Procurement of Information Technology Resources
CFOP 050-13 - Internet - Intranet Policy
CFOP 050-14 - Policy on Virus Prevention Control Reporting and Recovery
CFOP 050-22 - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
CFOP 050-25 - Guidelines for Using Social Networking Sites and Social Media
CFOP 050-26 Policy on Agreements Involving Data Sharing
CFOP 050-27 - Data Classification and Access Control
CFOP 050-28 - Media Protection
CFOP 050-29 - Wireless Access
CFOP 050-30 - Identity and Access Management Plan
CFOP 050-31 Policy on Privileged Access to Information Technology Resources