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My FL Learn

Welcome to the Department's Learning Experience and Resource Network, My FL Learn. The My FL Learn training portal is available to all DCF staff, community partners and stakeholders. This portal offers a vast selection of free training opportunities ranging from child welfare content to personal development.

How to Access Your My FL Learn Account

  For DCF Employees

  • DCF Employees: Go to My FL Learn login. Select SSO login.

  • If SSO Login does not work: Enter your People First ID as your username and for password enter Welcome2myFLLearn! Then click Manual Login. This is a common issue for NEW EMPLOYEES and employees who have recently updated their email addresses.

  • If you are a contracted employee and do not have a People First ID, you will need to click Account Registration to create an account in My FL Learn.

  New Account Registration

     1. Register for an account here. *
     2. Follow the login steps to sign into My FL Learn.
           •  Enter your email address as your "Username"
           •  Enter the password you created when you signed up in the "Password" field
           •  Click on "Manual Login"

* If you work with an external child welfare partner, and you receive an "email is in use" error during registration, follow the login steps for Pre-registered External Child Welfare Learners as your organization may have pre-registered your account.

If your agency pre-registered your account and you've been provided a username, follow the login steps below:

     1. Go to My FL Learn Login
     2. Enter your email address as your "Username"
     3. Enter your temporary password: "Welcome2myFLLearn!"
     4. Click on manual login

Note: Answer the security questions upon first login. This will be used to reset your password, if needed, in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

    Do DCF employees register for an account?

    DCF employees do not have to register for an account in My FL Learn. From the login page, employees simply click SSO Login to access the system.

    SSO Login didn’t work for me. What should I do?

    If you are a DCF employee, you can use your People First number as your username. Use the temporary default password of Welcome2myFLLearn! and click manual login. The most common cause for SSO login errors is an employee's email address not being active in People First. This is very common with new employees and/or employees who have recently updated their email address.

    I am a new employee and cannot login using SSO login. How do I access the system?

    If SSO Login isn't working, you should use your People First number as your username and the temporary default password Welcome2myFLLearn! then click manual login. This should grant you access. DO NOT register a new account. If you are still unable to access the system, you should submit a help ticket using the My FL Learn help portal.

    Where do I register for child welfare virtual instructor-led training?

    All virtual instructor-led trainings are now accessible through My FL Learn.

    Where can I attend a training for the My FL Learn training portal?

    Please make sure to check the "Announcement" box located on the welcome page of My FL Learn.

    Where can I find annual/mandatory trainings such as Security Awareness, HIPAA, Deaf and Hard of Hearing, etc.?

    All compliance trainings previously housed on the DCF Training page can be accessed in My FL Learn.  New users will need to create a free account to access these trainings.  For organizations needing to create multiple new users our team can assist in creating a bulk upload of users by reaching out to @email.

    How do I assign a training to an employee?

    If you are a supervisor, any training you find in the system will give you the option to assign to your direct reports. 

    I cannot find a training I am looking for in the system. Who do I contact for help?

    Use the search learning feature on your Learner Home page. You can filter your search by subject, modality, duration and more. If you cannot find the content you are looking for submit a My FL Learn ticket with the name of the training you are seeking. 

    What if I take a training outside of My FL Learn?

    You have the option to upload an external training certificate so it can be reflected on your transcript. 

    I am an external user. How can I have staff added under my profile as their supervisor/manager?

    Submit a My FL Learn ticket and upload a roster of your employee names and email addresses. 

    I am an external user. How do I edit my profile to add or change my supervisors/manager name?

    Submit a ticket indicating the name and email address of your supervisor/manager.