Office of the Secretary

Esther Jacobo

Interim Secretary Esther Jacobo

Esther Jacobo has been with the Department since 2008 and most recently served as the Regional Managing Director for the Southern Region overseeing all DCF operations in Miami-Dade and Monroe counties.  Prior to serving as Regional Managing Director, she was the statewide Deputy Director for Children’s Legal Services, where she was responsible for statewide litigation practices of CLS across the state. Ms. Jacobo received her Law Degree from St. Thomas University in Miami in 1992. That same year she was appointed as an Assistant State Attorney in Miami-Dade County by Janet Reno and remained in that office until April 2007. In January 2001, she was promoted by Katherine Fernandez Rundle to Division Chief of the Domestic Crimes Unit. There, Ms. Jacobo supervised all domestic violence prosecutions in Miami-Dade County, participated in community-based initiatives to assist victims of domestic violence and developed protocol to be used in both the felony and misdemeanor courts with regard to these cases. In April 2007, Ms. Jacobo joined the prestigious family law firm of Elser & Foster-Morales in Miami. In February 2008, she was asked to take a leadership role at DCF under then-Secretary Bob Butterworth and Statewide Director of CLS, Mary Cagle. Ms. Jacobo has dedicated most of her public service career to the safety and well-being of Florida’s families. In 2012, Ms. Jacobo was inducted into the Miami-Dade College Alumni Hall of Fame for her commitment and dedication to serving her community.