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Clearinghouse Frequently Asked Questions

    Who qualifies as a ‘care provider’ under the Clearinghouse?

    A person has applied to volunteer, obtain employment or licensure, or enter into a contract that requires a state and national fingerprint-based criminal history check (Section 435.12, F.S.) with a program regulated by one of the State agencies participating in the Clearinghouse.

    A person must complete the following for a Clearinghouse screening:

    • Undergo Level 2 screening and have fingerprints retained by FDLE, and (done by FDLE)
    • Have a photograph taken at the time of screening, and (done by the live scan vendor)
    • Sign a privacy policy (done by the provider)
    What benefit(s) do I (the provider) get from employees being part of the Clearinghouse?
    • Reduced background screening costs

    If an applicant has already been screened through the Clearinghouse, providers can request a free Agency Review through the Clearinghouse Results Portal, thereby avoiding the initial cost of fingerprinting new applicants; if the individual was screened through the Clearinghouse but has had a 90 day lapse in employment, the provider is only required to pay for a new national criminal history check (currently $16.50) through the Clearinghouse Results Portal.

    • Immediate arrest notifications

    When providers screen an individual through the Clearinghouse, the system retains the person’s fingerprints, allowing the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) to notify the State agency if the person is arrested subsequent to their screening. The State agency reviews the person’s arrest charge(s), makes a new eligibility decision, and notifies the provider via email to check the Clearinghouse Results Portal for the person’s new eligibility.

    The benefit of the Clearinghouse is for persons who would otherwise have duplicate criminal record checks. Providers will save on criminal history checks by using the Clearinghouse if the applicant/individual undergoing screening:

    • Is continuously employed for 5 years and needs a re-check
    • Has to have two checks (e.g., licensing and employment or licensing and Medicaid)
    • Changes employment (e.g., works for a day care center and moves to a nursing home)
    • Leaves employment and returns after 90 days (this will require a national check only)
    • Volunteers with these agencies/populations, as well as being employed
    • Volunteers with multiple agencies