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First Responders Suicide Deterrence
Task Force

Graphic with textual content reading Did you know? Suicide is complex for #Science2StopSuicide from American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The First Responders Suicide Deterrence Task Force is charged with making recommendations on how to reduce the incidence of suicide and attempted suicide among employed or retired first responders in the state. The Task Force will identify and make recommendations on developing training programs and materials that would better enable first responders to cope with personal life stressors and stress related to their profession and foster a culture that:

  1. Promotes mutual support and solidarity among active and retired first responders
  2. Trains agency supervisors and managers to identify suicidal risk among active and retired first responders
  3. Improves the use and awareness of existing resources among active and retired first responders
  4. Educates active and retired first responders on suicide awareness and help-seeking

Meeting Information

The Task Force meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at 2:00pm. Meetings are open to the public.
See events calendar for meeting information.

Task Force Member List


Appointed Official

1.    Florida Professional Firefighters’ Association

Mike Salzano

2.    Florida Police Benevolent Association

Michael “Mick” McHale

3.    Florida State Lodge of the Fraternal Order of Police

Mike Tucker

4.    Florida Sheriffs Association

Matt Dunagan

Allie McNair

5.    Florida Police Chiefs Association

Chief Charles Vazquez

6.    Florida Fire Chiefs Association


Non-voting members


7.    Statewide Office for Suicide Prevention

Anna Gai

8.    Florida Department of Law Enforcement

Matt Walsh

9.    Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

Major Joseph “Cory” Harrison

10.  Retired Firefighter

Ryan Gallik

11.  Miami Gardens Police Department

Tim Adams, Michael Dillon, and Sam Espinosa

12.  St. Petersburg College

Mary VanHaute

13.  Florida Division of Emergency Management

Darcy Abbott

14.  LSF Health Systems

Scott Swanstrom

15.  2nd Alarm Project

Kellie O’Dare

Lance Butler