Florida Action Steps For Suicide Prevention Efforts 2016-2020

Goal 3 - Develop, implement, and monitor effective evidence-based programs to promote wellness and prevent suicide-related behaviors

Health System, Insurers, and Clinicians:

Implement evidence-based practices/programs for customers. To find a list of evidence-based programs visit http://www.sprc.org/bpr/section-i-evidence-based-programs.

Screen for mental health needs, including suicidal thoughts and behaviors, and make referrals to treatment and community resources, as needed. Visit http://www.sprc.org/library_resources/items/suicide-screening-and-assessment for suicide screening and assessment.

Schools, Colleges, and Universities:

Develop a postvention action plan. Visit http://www.sprc.org/library_resources/items/suicide-postvention-strategies-school-personnel for postvention strategies for school personnel.

Increase school-based and community-based access to mental health and counseling services for individuals at risk of suicide, and encourage the use of those services. Download The Role of High School Mental Health Providers in Prevention Suicide by going to http://www.sprc.org/basics/roles-suicide-prevention.

Nonprofit, Community-, and Faith-based Organizations:

Increase awareness of community resources for suicide prevention by providing resources on organization websites.

Order free materials from http://store.samhsa.gov/.