Florida Action Steps For Suicide Prevention Efforts 2016-2020

Goal 1 - Integrate and coordinate suicide prevention activities across multiple sectors and settings

State and Local Governments:

Promote and implement comprehensive suicide prevention efforts at the state level. Visit www.dcf.state.fl.us/service-programs/prevention/suicide-prevention/meetings.shtml to read the 2015 Annual Report of the Suicide Prevention Coordinating Council.

Coordinate efforts through the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health. Contact it at 850-487-2920 or email samh@myflfamilies.com

The Suicide Prevention Resource Center lists suicide prevention efforts by settings that include juvenile justice, primary care, schools, and the workplace. To learn more visit  http://www.sprc.org/library_resources/sprc.

Businesses and Employers:

Implement organizational changes to promote the mental and emotional health of employees, as well as individuals with behavioral health conditions, across multiple sectors and settings. Examples of organizational change include Zero Suicide, a specific set of strategies and tools to promote suicide prevention. To learn more visit http://zerosuicide.sprc.org/.

First responders/law enforcement/fire fighter agencies are urged to contact the In Harm’s Way initiative. Training-of-Trainers, Critical Incident Peer Support, and use of the Tool Kit and other resource materials are available at http://policesuicide.spcollege.edu/.

Nonprofit, Community-, and Faith-based Organizations:

Implement programs and policies to build social connectedness and promote positive mental and emotional health of individuals, families, and communities. Visit http://www.sprc.org/bpr/section-i-evidence-based-programs for a list of evidence-based programs.

Health System, Insurers, and Clinicians:

Adopt a No Suicide Tolerance program to improve care and outcomes for individuals at risk of suicide in health care systems by implementing the Zero Suicide Toolkit, available at http://zerosuicide.sprc.org/toolkit.

Individuals and Families:

Attend a training/webinar to learn suicide warning signs and how to help/support family and friends who might be at risk for suicide. Visit http://training.sprc.org/ for a list of online trainings.

Contact and join a local community suicide prevention task force for opportunities to become involved with suicide prevention efforts. Visit the Florida Suicide Prevention Coalition at  http://www.floridasuicideprevention.org/.