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Incident Reporting and Analysis System (IRAS)

The Incident Reporting and Analysis System (IRAS) is an online incident reporting tool that enables the Department to collect and analyze information about critical incidents that occur in all licensed substance abuse providers and contracted mental health treatment providers. In some cases, critical incidents that occur outside of provider agencies, such as the death of an individual served, must also be reported. IRAS is not a tool for case management or maintenance of clinical records.

Each Managing Entity must provide a mechanism for their subcontracted providers to report critical incidents to the Managing Entity.

Private (non-contracted) substance abuse providers licensed by the Department are required to submit incident reports to IRAS directly.

Private (non-contracted) designated receiving facilities are not required to report incidents to IRAS unless they are licensed by the Department as substance abuse providers.

In order to begin reporting incidents to IRAS, MEs, facilities, and staff must be registered. To learn more about IRAS registration and reporting, click on the links below.

IRAS Registration and Reporting

  • Providers Who Must Report
    Find out the types of providers who are required to report critical incidents to IRAS.
  • IRAS Registration
    Learn how to become an authorized user of IRAS. If you (or your facility) have not registered, you do not have access to the system. You must complete the registration process in order to begin reporting incidents to IRAS.
  • Reporting Incidents to IRAS
    Learn who is responsible for submitting incident reports to IRAS, the types of critical incidents that must be reported, and when they should be reported.

IRAS Frequently Asked Questions

    Download the IRAS Frequently Asked Questions fact sheet.