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Personal Stories: The Impact of Treatment

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Have you ever wondered what treatment is like? The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Program Office continues to support the journey of recovery by presenting Personal Stories.

Find Local Services By County

If you or someone you know is in need of substance abuse and/or mental health services, our local managing entities can help you locate available programs. Please choose your county from the drop-down list below for the managing entity contact in your area.

Other Local Services

Enter your zip code to search an online directory for verified social services providers for things like food, housing, transit, healthcare, legal aid, and more.

Other Resources To Find Services

Locate substance abuse and/or mental health services in your area using SAMHSA's Treatment Services Locator

Other Substance Abuse and Mental Health Directories and Links

We have compiled a collection of useful links to other Directories and websites about Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

Substance Abuse Providers Currently Licensed by the Department

If you are looking for services or confirming if a provider is licensed by the Department, please use this listing as it will be updated monthly. If you do not find a provider on this list, then the Department does not currently license it. If you believe there is an error on the list, please contact your local Licensure Specialist to rectify the error.

Recovery Residence Administrators and Recovery Residences

Pursuant to section 397.4871, F.S., and section 397.487, F.S., the Department of Children and Families shall approve at least one credentialing entity for the purpose of developing and administering a voluntary certification program for recovery residence administrators and residences. Read more.