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Financial and Services Accountability Management System – FASAMS

FAQs - Historical Data Questions

Q: For the oldest admissions there are problems mapping old grade codes, 20-23, prior to the 2015 PAM update.

A: The current grade codes can be mapped to the furthest grade listed for each code in the 2015 PAM.


[20] = No Schooling

00 = No Years of Schooling 

[21] = Nursery School to 4th Grade

04 = Grade 4

[22] = 5th to 6th Grade

06 = Grade 6

[23] = 7th to 8th Grade

08 = Grade 8

As far as translating current PAM data to FASAMS to support those who were unable to upload FASAMS but could still upload PAM and for the creation of the historic data for upload, some of the areas where guidance would help:

Evaluations for Initial Admissions under MH. Values can be derived for most of SA because they have FASAMS, but MH only have level of functioning in current reporting, not level of care.

A: For Historical Data, the only evaluation for MH is the level of functioning based on FARS and CFARS score as specified in Chapter 5, pages 58 thru 61, and in Appendix 5, page 11).  The only fields required for the Evaluation Entity will be the following: SourceRecordIdentifier, StaffIdentifier, EvaluationDate, TypeCode, ToolCode, ScoreNumber, ScoreCode, and ActualLevelCode.

Q: For the oldest admissions there are problems:

00 as the Site ID – possible solution – select a current site where the client has been served.

A: The Submitting Entity would need to make sure that the provider site selected has the correct treatment setting for the corresponding covered services in the service event.

Q: Contracts that have expired – the original contracts contained an entirely different OCA structure, and a number of subsequent OCAs have expired. Further, a lot of the early contract data is paper based, not in a database for easy consumption. – possible solution would be to use the current contract number and relax any possible validation against the contract dates for the historic load.

A: It would not be recommended to use a current contract.  However, a contract that has already expired prior to 7/1/2018, along with the business rules to be modified below maybe sufficient. 

chart of Data Set information

Q: How should Residence county 88 mapped in FASAMS?

A: Residence zip 88888 can map to 99999.

Q: How should Residence zip 88888 be mapped in FASAMS?

A: Residence county can map to the county of service.

Q: For those individuals with a service on or after July 1, 2018, are we just uploading the data relevant to that episode or is it all data for that client, regardless of how many different episodes?

A: Upload the data relevant to the episode that is open on or after July 1, 2018.

Q: As part of the data load from (1) are we supposed to create transfer admissions to the different treatment settings or will the validations be relaxed so that the services will be accepted as long as there is an initial admission without regard to the treatment setting?

A: Historical data transfer admissions do need to be created so that service events that are different from the original admission treatment setting from the can be accepted by FASAMS.