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Children's Mental Health

Project LAUNCH - Mission, Vision, & Values

adult and child holding hands

Florida Project LAUNCH focuses on children birth through age eight and their families who have a family member in their household abusing substance. The grant helps to create “Champions for Children” through workforce/professional development in the early childhood arena. The hope is these CHAMPIONS will help to create positive experiences for children and provide them with the emotional support they need to not repeat the cycle of abuse in their home. The State Young Child Wellness Council has created a Mission, Vision, and Values to guide their strategic planning efforts and implementation of the LAUNCH initiative.


“The mission of Florida’s Project LAUNCH Young Child Wellness Council is to prevent youth emotional and behavioral disorders by improving family function and the quality of the parent-child relationship by encompassing a family-centered and holistic approach across partners that aims to promote health social, emotional, mental and behavioral development of children through prevention and early intervention efforts.”


“Communities throughout the state have a coordinated early childhood system and evidenced-based prevention programs that are family-centered and promote the well-being, nurturance, safety and stability of Florida’s most vulnerable children and families.”


  • Accountability - Achieve high performance, meet outcomes, and ensure accountability for the health, safety, and well being of our children and their families.
  • Family Values - (honor families/nurture children) Understand, respect, and support families’ culture, values, and goals.
  • Education - Empowering through education to ensure children and their families have the knowledge, resources, and skills to become active partners in solving challenges and responding to opportunities.
  • Collaboration - Build strong community and state partnerships to ensure a comprehensive system of evidence based practices that promote prevention, recovery and resiliency.
  • Stability - Fostering positive supportive relationships and creating stable nurturing environments for a child to thrive, succeed, and prevent future mental health and substance abuse concerns.