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Adult Mental Health (AMH)

What We Believe

Services and supports should be person-centered, community-based and results-oriented.

Person-centered means that the combination of services and supports should respond to an individual's needs, and should work with his / her natural supports and strengths. Services and supports should be designed to help the person served identify and achieve his / her own recovery goals. The public mental health system must also recognize, respect and address differences of gender, age, race, culture and religion.

Community-based means services and supports located in or strongly linked to the community, in the least restrictive setting supportive of an individual's safety and treatment needs. Services and supports should be delivered responsibly and seamlessly where the person lives, works, learns and interacts.

Results-oriented means that the services and supports should lead to improved outcomes for the person served. People should live in a safe environment, free from abuse, neglect and physical, psychological, or economic exploitation. We want each person to have as much responsibility and self-sufficiency as they can, taking into consideration their age, goals and personal circumstances.

Adult Mental Health (AMH)