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State Mental Health Treatment Facilities

North Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center (NFETC)

What We Do

A team of psychiatrists, nurses, psychologists, counselors and paraprofessionals develops a recovery plan for the evaluation and treatment of each of our residents. We encourage Residents to take responsibility for themselves and their treatment. We believe each Resident must take an active role in his recovery.

We treat the men committed to us with dignity and respect while using a wide variety of treatment and rehabilitation techniques. Treatment may include medication, individual and group therapy, counseling, education, training and behavioral management, as well as other therapeutic activities including art, music, recreation and horticulture.

We have a complete medical clinic for physical exams and routine medical and dental care. If a Resident needs hospitalization we use one of the local Gainesville hospitals.

We have a Canteen stocking many items from soft drinks to radios, a Shop where Residents can buy clothes and greeting cards, a barber shop and laundry facilities.