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State Mental Health Treatment Facilities

North Florida Evaluation and Treatment Center (NFETC)

Communicating With A Patient

We believe that it is important for our Patients to be able to communicate with family and friends while they are at NFETC.


Letters should be addressed to the individual Patient.

1200 NE. 55th Blvd.
Gainesville, FL 32641-2759

We do not routinely open mail addressed to Patients, but all mail is screened for contraband. If it contains contraband, or is too thick to be screened, the Patient will be asked to open the mail in the presence of staff. If contraband is inside, it will be confiscated. This can cause the Patient to lose privileges and could result in criminal charges. If the letter contains money, the money will be deposited in the Patient's account for his use.


We have telephones available for our Patients to use. Local calls may be made free of charge. Phones are also available for making collect calls. Patients may purchase telephone calling cards to make long-distance calls (must be purchased at NFETC).

There are phones available for Patients to report any abuse or alleged abuse.

Patients may not receive incoming calls. If there is an urgent need to talk with a Patient, a message can be left with the Hospital Administrator. The phone number is (352) 264-8258 or (352) 451-5707.

Please remember that a Patient may choose not to return a call. We guarantee that all messages left for Patients will be delivered to them.

The Patient's counselor may be contacted by leaving a message at (352) 264-8176.