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State Mental Health Treatment Facilities

Florida State Hospital


Davis Productivity 2009

  • Reduction of Workers Compensated Incident
  • Initiated and Promoted Practice of Hospital Employee Recognition
  • Overpayment Collection Team / Developed Refund for Overpayment Process
  • Going Green Team / Reduced Hazardous Waste on Hospital Grounds
  • Electronic Therapeutic Services Referral Team
  • Pharmacy Therapeutic Treatment Interchange Team
  • Promoted Vaccine Savings Through Syringe Change
  • Reduced Labor / Cost of Sputum Collection
  • Contract for Biomedical Engineering Company
  • Legal Research/Law Library Cost Savings
  • Energy Conservation Program
  • Installation of Vent Condenser in Deaerator Exhaust Stack
  • Reduction of Postage
  • Reduction of Printing Cost (NCR Paper)
  • Canteen Draw System
  • Atypical Drugs Cost Saving Team
  • The FSH Strategic Planning Process
  • Streamlining Monthly Performance Reviews by Reducing Copying Costs
  • Medication Education & Certificates of Achievement
  • Placement of Operating Procedures on Computer Network
  • Diagnostic Testing Feeds Reduced by 29%
  • Implementation of Digital ID System
  • Custodial Mobile Work Crew
  • Inpatient Suicide Prevention