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Help for Renters

Individuals and families whose housing situation has become unstable due to the coronavirus public health emergency have options that can assist with staying housed.

Take action to avoid eviction. To protect yourself and your family from eviction, you must demonstrate you are qualified for protection through the Center for Disease Control’s moratorium on eviction. Learn what steps are involved and if you qualify.

Know your tenant and debt collection rights. As a renter, you have local, state and federal rights during the pandemic. These may help you stay in your home. Learn more.

Get help paying rent and utilities. The Office on Homelessness offers several solutions to assist you and your family with accessing rent and utility assistance.

  • Emergency Solutions Grants provide rent and utility assistance, case management, and housing relocation and stabilization services (application fees, deposits, utility deposits, moving costs, and legal services). Local Continuums of Care can help you access assistance directly.
  • The OUR Florida program helps landlords and utility companies access assistance on your behalf to help with rent and utilities debts.

Talk to a local expert who can help you develop a plan to catch up on rent. Local Continuums of Care offer access to rent and utilities assistance, rapid rehousing services, and case management to help individuals and families become and/or stay stably housed, including developing a plan to become and/or remain economically self-sufficient. Find a local provider near you.