The State Office on Homelessness contracts with 27 local Homeless Continuums of Care (CoC) to provide necessary services to the local community. Partnering with each CoC gives local control of projects that are tailored to needs of each community.
In 2016, the State Office on Homelessness entered into multi-year (3 year) contracts with each Continuum of Care for eligible grants (Emergency Solutions Grant, Homelessness Prevention Grant, Challenge Grant, and Staffing Grant), that will expire June 30, 2019.

In 2017, the State Office on Homelessness merged all grants into a single Unified Contract. This new unified multi-year contract is designed to increase efficiency for funding to local providers and increase service availability in each community.

The types of projects available through each local CoC include:

Emergency Solutions Grant

The Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) Program is a federally funded program awarded to the State of Florida through the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  The purpose of the ESG Program is to:

  • help improve the quality and quantity of emergency shelters for homeless persons,
  • help cover the costs of operating emergency shelters,
  • fund essential supportive services to homeless individuals so they may have access to safe and sanitary shelter and the services and assistance they need to improve their situations,
  • fund short-term rental assistance to prevent homelessness,
  • help move homeless persons back into permanent rental housing, and
  • assist street outreach programs to connect unsheltered homeless persons with local housing and supportive services.

Current FY Funding: $5,098,790

2016  ESG Intent to Award

Homelessness Prevention Grant

The Homelessness Prevention Grant program provides emergency financial assistance to families with children facing the loss of their housing due to a financial or other crisis. The intent of the program is to provide case management and financial assistance for overdue rent or mortgage payments and overdue utility bills to enable families to remain stably housed after receiving the assistance.

Current FY Funding: $850,900

2016 Homelessness Prevention Grant Intent to Award

Challenge Grant

The Challenge Grant program is authorized by section 420.622(4), Florida Statutes, to assist the local homeless CoC lead agencies and local address local needs of individuals and families experiencing homeless identified in the CoC Plan. The overall goal of the grant is to use the Challenge Grant to partner with local agencies to reduce homelessness in Florida.
Current FY Funding: $5,000,000

2016 Challenge Grant Revised Notice of Intent to Award

Staffing Grants

Allocation of homeless coalition staffing grants is based on a methodology developed by The Office on Homelessness in conjunction with and approved by the Council on Homelessness. The coalition staffing funds were appropriated in 2001 with the intent that they be used to contract with homeless coalitions to build local capacity and carry out lead agency coalition duties described in section 420.623, Florida Statutes.

Current FY Funding: $3,000,000

2016-17 Homeless Coalition Staffing Grants

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