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Foster Care

How Do I Become a Foster Parent?

Prospective foster parents work with local community organizations to complete the licensing process, below are some of the steps they will take you on your journey to becoming a foster parent. You can always call 1-83-FosterFL or 1-833-678-3735 to get more of your questions answered and to be connected with local resources.

To qualify as a potential foster parent you must:

  • Attend an orientation.
  • Complete FREE foster parent educational resource hours.
  • Have a child abuse and fingerprint-based, criminal background check.
  • Participate in a home inspection.
  • Participate in a home study to review your readiness for fostering in your home.

Call 1-83-FosterFL or 1-833-678-3735 to speak directly to a foster community ambassador on the next steps for your family or visit the foster care contacts page to see all your options.