Foster Care

Am I Ready?

If it breaks your heart to imagine a child feeling alone, removed from their home and what is familiar to them through no fault of their own, then you are ready to learn more about foster parenting.

Being a parent is not easy, and you would need to be able to care for a child whose history, culture and family relationships may be different from your own. Foster parenting requires strong skills including sensitivity, flexibility, and selflessness – but you will get training and support in learning what you need to know. If you have these qualifications and you can safely care for a child, you are ready to start the process.

To ensure children are safe and that their needs can be met, a community based care agency will need to review the following:

someone writing are you ready? on a chalkboard
  • The results of child abuse and criminal history checks
  • Your ability to safely care for a child in your present circumstances
  • Your income. Foster parenting is not a paid position. Foster parents receive a stipend to meet the child’s needs, but must have enough resources to support their own family

If you are the right person to parent a child in foster care, we will work with you to overcome any obstacles that arise.

To start this process, contact your local agency.