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Message To Survivors

I want to begin with a statement of irrefutable fact and the only message I pray you take away from this letter: Supporting domestic violence survivors was, is, and will remain a top priority for the Department of Children and Families. I can assure you that, while we are thoroughly investigating the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, our motivation and complete focus is on the continuation of life-saving domestic violence services for you and your families - we will not lose sight of that.

The department is also committed to ensuring that anyone involved in this gross mismanagement of funds and breach of the public trust will be brought to justice. We thank Governor DeSantis and the Legislature for passing and signing into law a bill that has removed the statutory language that previously required our agency to directly contract with the Coalition.

The department will be proactive, organized, and transparent in the pursuit of an effective transition. We will continually provide updates and share our progress, allowing Florida taxpayers – and most importantly, domestic violence survivors – to hold us accountable.

We will make this right, and no matter what, we will always be available when we are needed.

If you need help or information on domestic violence services in your area, please contact the Domestic Violence Hotline: 1-800-500-1119.

If you have any concerns or information related to the ongoing investigation of the Florida Coalition Against Domestic Violence, you may call the Chief Inspector General’s Office at 850-717-9264.


Chad Poppell

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