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Rural and Underserved Programs

Survivors of domestic and sexual violence in rural areas are among the most isolated and vulnerable in the state of Florida. The statewide Rural Initiative and Rural Underserved projects are designed to enhance the safety of domestic violence survivors and their children who have been battered in rural communities. Rural projects are based on a community organizing model whereby community, judicial, and law enforcement partners come together to explore and implement strategies that provide coordinated, community-based services to survivors of domestic violence.

Rural areas face significant economic, geographic, and service barriers that make it difficult to create, strengthen, maintain, or expand victim assistance services. ODV contracted providers partner with certified centers in rural communities to strengthen services to survivors in some of the most rural parts of Florida. Key components of each rural project include reducing the geographic and social isolation often experienced by rural survivors, developing a coordinated community response to address the needs of survivors, increasing batterer accountability, and creating culturally and linguistically accessible programs to address the needs of traditionally underserved populations in rural communities.

Rural Resource Library

The Rural Resource Library is designed to support advocates providing domestic violence and sexual assault services in rural communities. The RRC provides information and resources with the goal of enhancing rural service providers’ awareness of the many complexities and barriers experienced by survivors and their children and to improve advocacy skills through education focused on issues that directly impact survivors of domestic violence in rural communities. In addition, the RRC lists available opportunities for rural service providers to connect with one another to share information on available resources and known best practices.

Guides & Handbooks

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