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Economic Justice Initiative

Financial instability is one of the largest obstacles for survivors seeking safety and one of the reasons that survivors most often give for why they stay or have returned to their abuser. The ability to survive financially without the abuser presents challenges, whether it be due to loss of income, a place to live, childcare, healthcare or other money issues, including access to credit. Advocating for economic justice strategies can improve the many social conditions that prevent safety for survivors. Safe options to addressing some of these challenges include making informed decisions about how to avoid predatory lending and consumer scams, building good credit, accessing resources for affordable housing, financial education and building assets through savings, homeownership or entrepreneurship.

The mission of Economic Justice Initiative is to provide training, information and resources to address the economic conditions that create barriers to the long-term independence and safety of survivors and their children. Ultimately, economic justice means equality for survivors and the ability to make decisions about their lives and intimate relationships without fear of negative financial impact. ODV works to support implementation of VAWA housing protections and to identify additional resources for survivors. Affordable housing is a complex challenge, and ODV is committed to exploring innovative strategies to address this issue.

Economic Resources And Information

- Allstate Financial Literacy Curriculum for advocates and survivors, Independence Project (microloan credit building program)

Hope Florida resource