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Office of Child and Family Well-Being

Who's Really Watching Your Child?

Information and Free Resources for Parenting Program Providers

Child abuse and neglect occurs in every county in Florida. Interested in creating a parenting class in your local community? Want to enhance and existing program? Here are some FREE resources to get started:

PKZ Baby Institute Curriculum

Established by the City of Orlando, Nap Ford Community School and operated by the Early Learning Coalition of Orange County, the PKZ Baby Institute is a successful parenting program that has helped hundreds of children and families create safe, nurturing home environments.

Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County

Children's Services Council of Palm Beach County has extensive resources for parents in its community. From relationships with pediatrician offices to comprehensive programs for parents, this organization offers a wealth of services for local families.

Statewide Local Parenting Programs

There are many other local parenting initiatives around the state as well that may be good models for your initiative and resources for your local families.

Evidence-Based Programs

Programs designated as evidence-based have been nationally recognized as having a high-standard parenting program. They go through a rigorous process to receive these designations. To look up programs or find out how your program can become evidence-based, visit the links below:

Parenting Guide

Our Parenting Guide offers more resources that may be useful for parenting programs. It is available in e-book form, hard copy and online.