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Family Day Care Home Substitutes
Working Less Than 40 Hours a Month

Introductory Training Timeframes

Prior to Caring for Children

Complete the following training by passage of a competency exam prior to caring for children:

  • Family Child Care Home Rules and Regulations (6 hours)

Additional Training Requirements

Prior to Caring for Children

First Aid and Pediatric CPR

Substitutes working less than 40 hours per month are required to possess an active certificate of course completion for pediatric cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) procedures and first aid training.

Prior to Caring for Children

Universal Precautions/Exposure Plan

All child care personnel are required to be educated on the program’s Exposure Plan regarding universal safety precautions prior to beginning work and annually thereafter.

Within First 30 Days of Employment

Fire Extinguisher Training

All child care personnel must complete training in the use and operation of a fire extinguisher.

Safe Sleep/Shaken Baby Syndrome Training

All child care personnel who work in a home that offers care to infants must complete one of the following:

  • DCF Health, Safety and Nutrition (hours) OR
  • DCF Safe Sleep Practices for Child Care (1 hour) OR
  • Early Learning Florida’s Safe Sleep Practices (1 hour)

Prior to Administration of Medication

Medication Administration

Prior to administering medication to children, child care personnel responsible for administering medication must complete training on proper medication administration procedures.


Annual In-Service Training

During Licensure Year

Licensed Family Day Care Home Operators must complete a minimum of 10 hours or 1.0 Continuing Education Unit (CEU) of in-service training annually during the operator’s 12-month licensing period. Note: College courses concentrating on children ages birth through twelve will be accepted. Documentation of the in-service training must be recorded on the CF-FSP Form 5268A and maintained at the licensed family child care home.

Substitutes for the licensed family day care home are not required to complete annual in-service training.