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COVID-19 Guidance for Child Care Facilities and Providers

  • Children who have a COVID -19 exposure or close contact, but have no symptoms, are not required to quarantine and can remain in the classroom.
  • If a child is COVID-19 symptomatic or COVID-19 positive, they should stay home while symptoms persist. The child will be able to return to the classroom after 5 days have passed since the onset of symptoms and are fever free for 24 hours.
  • After an exposure, close contact, or positive COVID-19 diagnosis, a negative COVID-19 test is not required for a child to be able to return to school.
  • Masking Guidance - Children in a child care facility are not required to wear a mask or face covering.
  • Child care facilities are encouraged to continue to routinely clean classrooms and high traffic areas.
  • Children and staff are encouraged to practice routine handwashing throughout the day.

Updated guidance from the Department of Health can be found here. Updated 2/24/2022