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Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Online Purchasing Pilot FAQs

  1. Which retailers will be accepting SNAP payments online? How will I know when more retailers join the online purchasing pilot?

    As of May 2021, Walmart, Amazon, Aldi, BJ’s Wholesale Club, Freshfields Farm, Hitchcock’s Markets, Publix, Mt. Plymouth IGA and Whole Foods are accepting SNAP payments online. More retailers may join the online purchasing pilot as it progresses. Updates and other important information will be shared with all SNAP benefit recipients as soon as it is available.

  2. How will I know if these retailers can deliver to my home? Can SNAP be used to pay for delivery?

    To determine if grocery delivery is available for your location, please visit the retailers’ websites. The available delivery zip codes indicate where retailers are able to provide their full line of groceries, including perishable items.

    Please note: the use of EBT cards for the purchase of groceries is restricted for approved grocery items only and cannot be used for delivery fees.

  3. Is using my EBT card online secure?

    The use of your EBT card online will still require your unique personal identification number (PIN). All retailers participating in the online purchasing pilot are using compliant methods of encrypted-PIN entry to ensure secure transactions.

  4. How do I order groceries using the online program?

    Walmart online EBT assistance

    Amazon online EBT assistance

    Aldi online EBT assistance

    BJs online EBT assistance

    Publix online EBT assistance

    Hitchcock’s Markets