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Program Policy Manual

Summary of Changes:

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Table of Contents

200General Program Information
400Administrative Policy
600Application Processing
800Ongoing Case Processing
1400Technical Requirements (FS/TCA)
1400Technical Requirements (MFAM/MSSI)
1400Technical Requirements (CIC/RAP)
1600Assets (FS/TCA)
1600Assets (MFAM/MSSI)
1600Assets (CIC/RAP)
1800Income (FS/TCA)
1800Income (MFAM/MSSI)
1800Income (CIC/RAP)
2000Coverage Groups
2200Standard Filing Unit
2400Budgeting Income
2600Calculation of Benefits
3000Data Exchange
3200Benefit Issuance
3400Notices and Forms
3600Benefit Recovery/ACCESS Integrity

Appendix A - Income Level Charts and Other Information

Appendix A-1Food Assistance Income Eligibility Standards and Deductions
Appendix A-5Temporary Cash Assistance Income Standards
Appendix A-6Prorating Chart for TCA and RAP
Appendix A-7Family-Related Medicaid Income Limit Chart
Appendix A-8Transfer Penalty Determination Process
Appendix A-9SSI-Related Programs - Financial Eligibility Standards
Appendix A-10Federal Benefit Rates
Appendix A-11Title II Cost of Living Increases
Appendix A-12Optional State Supplementation Eligibility Standards
Appendix A-13Active Medicaid Program Codes
Appendix A-14Life Expectancy Table
Appendix A-16Certification of Prior Residence
Appendix A-17Life Estate and Remainder Interest Table
Appendix A-22Qualified Medicaid Trust Guidelines and Forms
Appendix A-22.1Guidelines for Reviewing Income Trusts
Appendix A-22.3Guidelines for Reviewing Trusts for the Disabled
Appendix A-22.4Trusts for the Disabled Review Form
Appendix A-22.5Income Trust Review Form
Appendix A-22.6Pooled Trusts for the Disabled Review Form
Appendix A-33Chart for Determination of 40 Qualifying Quarters
Appendix A-34Guideline for Evaluating Annuities
Appendix A-35Average Monthly Private Pay Nursing Home Rate