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Community Partner Network - Partnership Levels?

There are two partner levels. Find out which meets your needs below.


Self-Service Site, Information Site plus:

  • Provides various equipment to customers so they may apply for assistance, check the status of an application or redetermination for benefits, report a change, or open an account on-line.
  • Provides general assistance in explaining the application process.

Assisted-Service Site, Self-Service Site plus:

  • Provides equipment necessary for customers to apply for benefits, check the status of an application or report a change.
  • Provides assistance to the customer to submit a web application.
  • Verifies the identity of an applicant.
  • Provides case status information and outstanding information needed to determine eligibility.

Interested? Contact the nearest Community Partner Liaison to find out more.

The Department of Children and Families remains the designated state agency to determine eligibility for program services/benefits.