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The Electronic Benefits Transfer Card

Using your Card

  • You can use your EBT card at locations that display the QUEST logo quest logo and supported remarks such as “EBT Accepted Here”
  • Sales tax cannot be charged on items bought with SNAP benefits.
  • Cash benefits can be withdrawn at ATM’s displaying the Quest Logo quest logo
  • Cash Benefits can be withdrawn from ATM’s at Bank of America, Chase, Presto, and Wells Fargo with no ATM fees
  • Items can be purchased with cash and cash back with a purchase is allowed where available.
  • Cash benefits cannot be used outside of the State of Florida for more than 30 days
  • Food Assistance can be used in all 50 states

EBT Card Issuance

  • First time benefit recipients will be mailed an EBT card with instructions on use. 
  • If you received benefits in the past 25 months and still have your EBT card, you can still use that card if your case number stayed the same and the card has not yet expired. Please check the good thru date on your card.
  • If you are reapplying for benefits and no longer have your EBT card or your card has expired, please contact EBT customer service at 1-888-356-3281 for a replacement.  You may call EBT Customer Service at any time.  Another EBT card is not automatically mailed to you when your case is approved.
  • Your EBT Card will arrive in 5 – 7 business days
  • If your card has been cancelled or has expired it cannot be used and will need to be replaced.