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Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT)

Words to Know

  • POS (point-of-sale) Machine
    POS machines located in retail and grocery stores allow you to buy food with your food assistance benefits, and food or non-food items with your cash benefits. Some retailers may also allow you to get cash at a POS machine.

  • ATM (automated teller machine)
    An ATM is a cash machine found at banks, stores and other places that allows you to get your cash benefits.

  • PIN (personal identification number)
    A PIN is a four-number secret code that must be used when you use your EBT  card to make sure no one else can use your card. ATM and POS machines will not work unless you enter your PIN. It is important to remember your PIN. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PIN WITH ANYONE.

  • Quest® Mark
    Quest® is the sign you will find on store doors, check-out lanes, ATM and POS machines that lets you know your EBT card can be used at that store or machine.

  • Transaction
    A transaction is: quest logo
    • Getting cash at an ATM or POS machine

    • Buying food with food assistance benefits

    • Purchasing items with cash benefits (alcoholic beverages cannot be purchased with cash benefits).
  • Transaction Fee
    • A transaction fee may be charged for cash withdrawals. A transaction fee is not allowed for purchases made with food assistance benefits.

    • Florida provides you with 2 free “cash only” withdrawals per month. After the first 2, there is an 85¢ transaction fee for each additional “cash only” withdrawal.

    • You will not be charged when you get cash back at the same time you buy something.

  • Surcharge
    Some stores and banks may require you to pay a surcharge each time you use their ATM or POS machine to withdraw cash. If you do not wish to pay the surcharge, you can choose another location that does not surcharge.