Prevention and Referral Services

Office of Domestic Violence

If you know someone being abused -- do not look the other way:

  • Give them this number to call for a counselor 24 hours a day:
  • Let them know you are concerned about them.
  • Offer to listen.
  • Respect their choices, but encourage them to talk with professionals about safety issues. Leaving the abusive situation is also a very dangerous time.
  • Offer as much help as you can, but do not take risks with your own safety. Examples of help: child care, transportation, a place to stay, a job, lending money, a place to keep their escape bag. An escape bag is a bag filled with things needed in case the victim decides to leave. For example: identification; birth certificate and Social Security cards for self and children; checkbook; extra car, house, storage or other keys; address book/phone numbers; school and medical records; car, health and life insurance papers; divorce, custody or injunction papers; change of clothes; pictures, jewelry and keepsakes; personal hygiene products; picture of abuser (to use to serve court papers); etc.
  • Contact one of the agencies listed to volunteer your time.