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Special Announcement:  The certification and monitoring of batterer intervention programs by the Department of Children and Families is no longer required as a result of legislation adopted by 2012 Legislature and approved by the Governor.

Requirements and authorities eliminated:

  • Requirement for programs and assessors to be certified by the state
  • Authority for programs to collect on behalf of the Department of Children and Families the additional $30 fee intended for the certification and monitoring of programs
  • Authority of the Department of Children and Families to promulgate rules to establish requirements and collect fees

Although the role of the Department of Children and Families as it relates to the regulation of batterer intervention programs was eliminated on July 1, 2012, many requirements in current law remain the same.

Requirements retained:

  • Programs shall be at least 29 weeks in length and include 24 weekly sessions, plus appropriate intake, assessment, and orientation programming
  • Program content shall be based on psycho-educational model that addresses tactics of power and control by one person over another
  • Offenders must pay the cost of attending the program to take responsibility for their acts of violence
  • Programs shall be funded by user fees paid by the batterers
  • Applicable only to programs that address the perpetration of violence between intimate partners, spouses, or those who share a child in common or who are cohabitants in intimate relationships for the purpose of exercising power and control by one over the other
  • The court shall order a person found guilty of, has adjudication withheld on, or pleads nolo contendere to a crime of domestic violence to attend and successfully complete a batterer intervention program unless the court determines the person does not qualify and states on the record why the program is inappropriate
  • It is preferred that the court send batterers to programs as specified in statute and listed above
  • The court must provide to the batterer a list of batterer intervention programs from which the batterer must choose a program to attend

For further details of the changes, please consult Chapter 2012-147, Laws of Florida or contact the Domestic Violence Office at 850-717-4073


Examples of forms that may be used by providers:

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The provider search will be temporarily maintained to allow an opportunity for comnunities to develop their local list of approved providers.  The providers listed are former Department-approved providers and are not necessarily endorsed by the Department of Children and Families.