Special Initiatives

Gabriel Myers Work Group

August 5, 2009
9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Meeting Agenda

Call to Order
Minutes from the July 24 Workgroup Meeting
Dr. Jim Sewell, Chair
Workgroup Introductions Dr. Jim Sewell, Chair
Impressions from the Bench Judge James Seals, 20th Judicial Circuit
FCC Subcommittee on Psychotherapeutic Medications Judge Herbert Baumann, 13th Judicial Circuit
The Roles of the Child's Attorney and GAL and the Child's Perspective in Psychotropic Medication Hearings

Bernard P. Perlmutter
Clinical Law Professor and Director of the Children and Youth Law Clinic University of Miami School of Law

Preliminary Report on Quality Assurance for
Children Ages 10-11

Special Quality Assurance Review
Kathy Newcomb
Suncoast Region Quality Assurance Manager
Department of Children and Families
Impressions as a Public Defender and
Discussion of Gaps in Legislation

Bob Dillinger
Public Defender, 6th Judicial Circuit
Schools and Special Needs of Foster Care Children David S. Wheeler, Ph.D.,
School Psychology Consultant
Florida Department of Education
Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services
Adjournment Dr. Jim Sewell, Chair

Minutes from the August 5 Workgroup Meeting